TOOL Ocean & Energy Startup Map 2021

TOOL is preparing the very first Ocean & Energy Startup Map 2021, which will be released 8 June on World Ocean Day. We now invite you to get your startups and innovation communities on the map by May 31st!

How TOOL Innovators Are Restoring Our Earth

This years Earth Day sheds light on emerging green tech, innovative thinking and natural processes that can restore the world’s ecosystems. We have therefore compiled an inspiring list on how TOOL-members are contributing to restoring our earth through innovative solutions and tech.

How Virtual Reality Can Inspire Generation Cleanup

Featured Image taken by Fred Buyle.

Can we bring people away from their COVID-couch and closer to the ocean? How can we use Virtual Reality (VR) and innovative technology to engage the public in ocean conservation? We spoke with the French engineer and biologist Fabrice Schnöller, from TOOL member companies Click’r and DareWin, who gave…


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