How Virtual Reality Can Inspire Generation Cleanup

Featured Image taken by Fred Buyle.

Can we bring people away from their COVID-couch and closer to the ocean? How can we use Virtual Reality (VR) and innovative technology to engage the public in ocean conservation? We spoke with the French engineer and biologist Fabrice Schnöller, from TOOL member companies Click’r and DareWin, who gave us some answers to these questions.

Roadtripping to Save the Oceans and You’re Invited

As part of their mission to put sustainability on the agenda, DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network) is hosting a six-month Sustainable Tour across Europe. DAN Europe will be using TOOL’s matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn to find innovative & sustainable companies they can meet and showcase along the way. This provides great opportunities for TOOL memberContinue reading “Roadtripping to Save the Oceans and You’re Invited”

Join Us at SHE Conference To Discuss Diversity in Maritime, Ocean and Energy

Together with Maritime SHEeo we invite you to our sessions on diversity in maritime, ocean and energy at SHE-Conference. Also providing you free complementary participation to the entire conference as part of our network.


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