0AC895DC-B19E-499E-9A0C-207983204F555D494A1E-74C0-4C70-BBCB-504451F818CA9E59ADA3-4AD1-4D79-8F76-DB674DF4B140639E8146-C0F5-433D-969D-A5DCA544C4480B7BA7D2-C9EA-40F3-99FD-B6018BD6C8EF69C0EDB7-84CC-42C1-8967-8C237C104C34421BB471-12E7-4BE7-883B-080ADE21C780591C1775-EE7E-4E88-B6B4-13C0AB7531758CA0BA58-A66C-4A2D-BFA2-FECAE4F7273BDFAA366B-E504-4BC9-9A55-23C4D135DFAFTHE OCEAN OPPORTUNITY LAB is an ambitious project, that will not only make a mark in it’s field; the first floating community lab for sustainability & tech entrepreneurs across ocean industries, to attract interest & attention from local & global society, it will also have a high visual impact on it’s urban surroundings and a sea.

The TOOL project will be a positive mark in working towards a more sustainable future, making a visual and aesthetically impact on its surroundings – the life of the sea that we are in desperate need of protecting, will always be present on the boat´s exterior – and interior.

It is expected that TOOL will get a wide range of press, both from national and international publishing houses and sites.

Ocean Opportunity Lab: The world’s first floating entrepreneur hub ( / March 2019)

Ocean Opportunity Lab (Shifter, June 2018)








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Skjermbilde 2020-02-14 kl. 13.29.01Skjermbilde 2020-02-14 kl. 13.29.20

“The Ocean Opportunity Lab concept is a direct result of many years working on change across diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship in the maritime & ocean industries. Through the project I aim to bring actors together in a different way, going back to a playful approach to re-explore how we can create new solutions to our society. I have dedicated my career to empowering & linking people and actors together in the pursuit of a more sustainable & humane ocean business world. I consider myself a gap-finder; always aiming to identify gaps ripe for improvement through collaboration. I´m on a 6 month sabbatical from my day job as Director of Sustainability & Ocean Industries at Oslo Business Region, not to meditate in India, but to pursue the establishment of TOOL. This project is all about stretching the triple bottom line focus and my core purpose and values to the fullest extent, while playing and exploring new ways of creating collaborative initiatives. Life is too short not to strive for making a difference, and if you feel the same way – welcome onboard!

Birgit M. Liodden, Founder & CEO of The Ocean Opportunity Lab