How TOOL Innovators Are Restoring Our Earth

This years Earth Day sheds light on emerging green tech, innovative thinking and natural processes that can restore the world’s ecosystems. We have therefore compiled an inspiring list on how TOOL-members are contributing to restoring our earth through innovative solutions and tech. 

EcoSubsea has since 2012 helped its shipowner partners reduce their fuel consumption by over 30 million tons. 

NCE Maritime CleanTech cluster finished designing zero-emission fishing boats that will be used in the aquaculture industry.

In March, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster revealed their $3.2M project on developing AI technology with their partner Bluenode to collect more accurate ocean data that will enable more sustainable shipping activity.

Beyonder will work together with Midwest to electrify mining trucks which are a main source of carbon dioxide emissions, starting with two vehicles in mines located in India.

OceanBottle announced in March that they had collected over 1,228,028 total pieces of plastic, equivalent to the volume of 43 Olympic swimming pools.

Passionate divers in The Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe are going on a Sustainable Tour mid-pandemic. They will be driving 11,000 km across Europe in an electric car to meet innovators, policymakers, the diving community, academia, and youth in order to address increasing C02 levels, plastic and chemical pollution & biodiversity loss 

Plastic Odyssey launched their expedition boat in march, which will be used for their 3-year tour, starting next June, to teach the public about plastic and in

Teco 2030 plans to build the largest factory for hydrogen fuel cells in Norway, increasing the supply and demand of hydrogen power for vehicles.

Young Sustainable Impact has worked with over 100 youth start-ups since they started in 2016, one of which is Aquasolis Global which has provided clean water to over 10,000 people so far.

Ogoori began working with Marte Haave, a researcher from The Norwegian Research Centre this year to keep track of the contaminants found in their collected ocean plastics and work to safely remove the contaminants during the recycling stage.