TOOL Ocean & Energy Startup Map 2021

TOOL is preparing the very first Ocean & Energy Startup Map 2021, which will be released 8 June on World Ocean Day. We now invite you to get your startups and innovation communities on the map by May 31st!

Startup seeking pilot customer? Student seeking thesis? Corporate seeking innovation partner? Get on the global map, become visible to the world and gain free complimentary access to our matchmaking and opportunity-creating platform TOOL Spawn, for the first six months. 

We are creating the world’s first interactive map to showcase ocean and renewable energy innovators around the world.

The Launch

Nominations for the global map close on May 31st. On World Ocean Day, June 8th we will release our first global list of Ocean & Energy Startups 2021. All startups & hubs signed up by 31 May, will be profiled in the map & list.

On June 11th we will celebrate with a virtual tour through the TOOL world and showcase our innovators at the TOOL Ocean & Energy Startup Awards, where we announce Startups to Watch within the various sectors! The celebration will take place in our event and networking platform, TOOL Aquarium. You are of course invited!

How to Get on the Map

  1. If you haven’t received an invitation code per e-mail already, email us to request a code
  2. Go to and register your personal profile by May 31st to make sure to be on our Ocean & Energy Startup Map 2021, released for World Ocean Day June 8th. 
  3. Redeem the coupon code you received under subscriptions 
  4. Register your organization/company in the platform 

All those making it for the Top lists, as well as their nominator, will be granted a one-year free license on TOOL Spawn!

Welcome to a world of ocean opportunities. The world of TOOL is your oyster!