TOOL Fleet & Franchise

Our Physical Community Base
Tool Fleet is our physical community of floating testlabs worldwide, enabling collaboration for ocean and renewable energy entrepreneurs. Use our space for meetings or take part in expanding the TOOL franchise to your city.
Oslo as the Starting Point

The starting point of TOOL´s fleet is the 30m long 1955 ferry M/S Bjørvika docked in the fjord-city of Oslo. She has a history that connects a number of Norwegian ocean clusters – operating as a car & passenger ferry and supply vessel before becoming a charter boat in Oslo.

Welcome aboard

We welcome startups, youth organizations, environmental actors, research & academia, as well as corporates on board. The community can utilize the ferry both for activities docked in the port, voyages and shorter trips.

Contact us at if you want to use MS Bjørvika for coworking, meetings and events.

A National and International Fleet

Our physical hub functions as a complementary resource for existing land-based startup hubs across industries, building bridges with leading ocean clusters along the coast of Norway.

We are also the starting point of an ocean cities alliance, empowering a global tribe of ocean changemakers from Ålesund all the way to Mumbai.

Become a TOOL Franchisee

TOOL is based on exploring ocean opportunities with limited and existing resources. Use the TOOL brand, resources and agreements to expand our global floating entrepreneur lab as a TOOL franchisee in your city. Take part in expanding the world’s first floating entrepreneur lab.