The Crew

We are currently inviting ocean community people & organizations to join our growing family. Feel free to contact us if you’re curious about how we collaborate with different type of partners.




Blue Oceans Partners (FRA)

Invests in systemic innovations that restore ocean health (SDG14), specifically within solutions linked to overfishing and plastic pollution

Greenstat (NOR)

Invests in renewable energy linked infrastructure and solutions

Acceler8 (NOR/CHINA)

Sourcing startups for Li Ka-Shing Foundation / Horizon Ventures and other international players

The Factory (NOR)

FinTech, PropTech and Retail accelerator & co-working space, currently expanding their strategic focus. Best Nordic accelerator/incubator in 2019.

Source of Fintech Beat 2019 – Norwegian fintech report.

SHE Invest (NOR)

Investment community & program focused on female entrepreneurs. Will establish equality-focused fund

Sustainable Energy, Norwegian Catapult Centre (NOR)

Offering test facilities, competence and network for production, storage, distribution & control of energy.

For development & testing of sustainable energy solutions; across The Switch energy test centre, Unitech prototype centre, Haugaland Kraft micro nett, HVL – Hall of Flames, HVL – Tank Pool, IFE hydrogen & battery lab, Prototech Energy lab.

DIGICAT, Norwegian Catapult Centre (NOR)

Offering virtual prototyping, digital twins simulation system, idea development at ÅKP Idea lab.

Scaleup growth program. Full scale ocean lab for autonomous solutions. Workshops deep-diving in tech,  education offer in collaboration with NTNU Ålesund, focused on virtual prototyping, digitalization and digital twins.

Blue Legasea (NOR)

Actively looking for startups/innovators across the fields of accelerated development of aquaculture technology, and advanced utilization/processing of marine resources/raw materials

Ålesund Kunnskapspark (NOR)

Various programs for startup & growth/scaleup, incubator and development programs. Focused on entrepreneurs interested in establishing

Heron Advisory (SIN)

Helps startups and tech companies commercialism solutions and grow global business. Regional partner for several accelerators, including Antler, Katapult Ocean, PIER71, Accelerator and Venture Builder Moment.

Ocean Impact Organisation  (AUS)

Australia´s first ocean impact ecosystem and startup accelerator. Opening in Sydney/Manley Q1 2020, first startup programs launching Q3 2020.

Solar Energy Cluster (NOR)

Energy systems and storage, and floating solar

Hydrogen Cluster (NOR)

Commercialisation and industrial expansion of hydrogen as fuel

Norwegian India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NOR)

Connecting Norwegian and Indian business

Nordic Hub India (IN)

Coworking space connecting Nordic and Indian innovators

Inclusion ID (UK)

Global Diversity & Innovation Hub delivering ID Diversity Accelerators and ID Talent Pipeline Programme to diverse talent; providing a unique platform for all diverse talent to connect & engage with corporates and innovation ecosystems. 

Maritime Bergen

Industry organisation with 170 businesses in the Bergen region, focusing on future blue business, recruitment, visibility and competence development.

Ocean Industry Forum Oslo Region

Industry organisation, gathering the leading players in the Oslo region maritime cluster.

Fraser Yachts (MON)

TOOL collaboration on identifying and lifting out key sustainability issues for the super yacht industry; materials, waste, fuel

MakerBay (HK)

Makers space in Hong Kong with 50% ocean entrepreneurs/actors, across 8 locations


AquaAI (US)

Aquaai builds affordable specialized AI-powered fishlike robotic platforms or Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to unobtrusively collect, track and deliver real-time visual and environmental data.

BRIM Explorer (NOR)

Provide ocean excursions without noice or pollution onboard silent hybrid-electric ships. Their vision is to change the way we experience the ocean. Their Arctic explorer and whale watching ships feature BluEye drones.

Clean Sea Solutions (NOR)

Clean Sea Solutions have developed systems to stop marine plastic waste before it ends up in the open seas.

FreiXchange (NOR)

Carbon efficient chartering, providing charterers with CO2 emission estimates before fixing contracts, complete climate reports and internal emission dashboard. Creates a premium market for low-emission ships and shipping companies.

Click Research (FRA)

Click´R works on sound and image captation and analysis bioinspired tools that allows cameramen, ingenues and scientists to explore new investigation fields. Their projects aims for ocean life preservation through VR experiences. Contributes to Darwin program with providing an open source science database and prototype innovative captation tools.

Seas of Norway (NOR)

Explore and develop the huge potential of industrial algae cultivation in Norway, without disruption of the ocean eco system

Molnex Energy (NOR)

Molnex Energy developing a solution for floating / offshore hydrogen production

Greenstat (NOR)

Greenstat aims to develop green and profitable projects, in addition to carrying out investments contributing to a rapid transition to the zero-emission society.

GreenBoats (NOR)

GreenBoats operate and develop floating saunas and electric boats in Oslo

Ocean Globe Race (NOR)

Queen Anne & the Norwegian team participating in the 50th anniversary race to mark Whitbread Around the World 50th anniversary

Plastic Odyssey (FRA)

First vessel powered by plastic waste, embarking on a global expedition to fight plastic pollution

Clean Marine (NOR)

World-leading provider of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for all types of ships in the maritime industry.

Kruser (NOR)

Electric boat pool model, creating a carefree boating experience for people and the environment

Ocean Bottle (UK)

Creating a market for recycled ocean plastic. Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection 11.4kg plastic, equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles and stops them from entering our oceans.

Evoy (NOR)

Evoy moves electric propulsion into faster planing hull boats. The significantly lower maintenance and usage cost will give owners peace of mind to use their boats like they should – every day. Evoy will deliver the first systems to customers in Q2 2020

Tschudi Bio Company (NOR)

Utilizing forest excess bio mass as nutrition for fish farms.

The Sea Change (US)

Production of clean fuel from a plasma unit, transforming plastic waste into clean hydrogen and glass usable for construction; free of any micro plastic. Units tested on land in the U.S., now aiming for creating units on board ships, to provide solutions for areas with lack of infrastructure.

Wecycle (NOR)

University-based startup creating new production materials from plastic waste, with the use of machines developed by the company.

Coral Reef Mapping (HK)

Reef mapping robot, currently establishing prototype testing, working towards partnership and utilization for Norwegian kelp forest. Aquaton/hackaton planned in Oslo September

Holocene (NOR)

Developing floating waste-to-energy vessels for emerging markets to solve waste mgt. issues and to produce electricity and useful products.

Ruden Geo Solutions (NOR)

Applying methods and technology from the oil industry to identify fresh water reservoars/aquifers on shore and under the seabed.



Oslo´s leading public university, currently developing OsloMet Ocean Innovation Hub, strengthening research and collaboration with technology companies within the Oslo region

Passion for Ocean

Annual ocean festival in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen.

Ungt Entreprenørskap Oslo & Akershus

The Oslo & Akershus branch of Junior Achievement Europe, for Young Entrepreneurs, developing entrepreneurial skills among youth undergoing high school, junior high and universities

ZERO – Zero Emission Resource Organisation

Environmental organisation working across solutions for a zero emission society

Young Sustainable Impact

Gathers young talents from all around the world to develop impact startups with the UN SDGs as framework. Will focus specifically on maritime/ocean challenges in 2020.

EntrepreneurShip One

A zero-emission pay-it-forward platform for the Nordic startup community. Currently work with Deep Search, Re-generation of energy/sailing, and X/Ship – a floating community/platform of vessels and ships enabling collection and use of ocean data.


The Climate Festival § 112 is broad climate celebration, that encourages and inspires people to support measures to ensure a sustainable future. We want to highlight the Norwegian population’s commitment to climate change mitigation, and to encourage collective action


The music artists own movement in the fight against marine pollution. Provide secret concerts for beach cleaners in collaboration with TOOL and environmental NGOs

Waterfest Oslo

Ocean festival engaging the community in ocean and water sports activities, while engaging the audience in environmental ocean challenges


Environmental organisation, working with cleaning below water and on beaches, placement of artificial reefs and work with protection of critical areas. Piloting projects with partners.

Oslo Fjordhage

Floating garden for school youths in Oslo, focused on growing above and below the water surface


Sustainability-focused organisation consisting of leaders and change makers from 40+ countries.

Clean Shores Global

Global and local non-profit, working to clean sea shores, waterfronts and river banks

Blue Economy Future (ZA)

Ocean community initiative for the South African community, connecting and empowering ocean impact actors


Organiser of annual Math Marathon, engaging 180.000 youth in developing interest for math, while also engaging in environmental physical activities

WISTA Norway

Norwegian branch of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, developing equality and female leadership in the maritime industry

Tøyen Unlimited

Co-working hub and arena for youth of Tøyen/Gamle Oslo, engaging social entrepreneurship and inclusion of local youth


Social entrepreneurs from Hersleb High School, focusing on engaging youth and decision makers on saving the oceans, while reducing foodwaste

International Ocean Station (HK/PH)

Collaboration project for ocean restoration and floating test laboratory; collaboration of University of Hong Kong and Uni. Philippines. Crowdfunding December 2020.


SHE Community / SHE Conference

Europe’s biggest equality conference, and community for equality/diverse leadership in Norway


NGO developing Norwegian businesses´ understanding of cultural diversity as driver for talents



Enkindle Global

Israeli based organisation working to prevent burnout/stress among entrepreneurs and change makers

The Human Aspect

The world’s first digital life experience library


Free divers´ club

KOK Oslo

Floating saunas in Oslo

Green Boats

Kayaking, Standup Paddle, electric leisure boats and floating saunas in Oslo

Sørenga Badstuflåter

Floating saunas in Oslo

Very Agency

Brand Agency run by culture & tech profiles

Kelvin Oslo

Brand Agency run by Norwegian surfers

Det Gode Selskab

DJ Collective


Scandinavian Design Group

Creator of TOOL´s promotional video

KOI Fargestudio

Lead on color & design concept for TOOL

Makers´ Hub Oslo

Inclusive redesign of innovation space / physical arena


Redesign with recycled textiles onboard

Circular Ways

Upcycling and inclusion partner on redesign


Street artist collective, creators of TOOL´s visual exterior of kelp forest

Pure & Original

Provider of chemical & plastic free mineral paint for TOOL´s interior

Action for Ocean

Specific campaigns mobilizing people to act for the ocean climate


Provider of circular-model shelfs, created from recycled ocean plastics from Empower

Urban Banan

Urban gardening onboard

Darewin Project

WhaleGuru program, connecting neuro science & meditation with an AI / VR driven virtual ocean experience with whales & sharks