TOOL Spawn

Partnerships for Creating the Future

ToolSpawn is a platform for automated matchmaking for global innovators in the ocean industries. We bring together entrepreneurs and established actors who wish to explore ocean opportunities and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Imagine a world where entrepreneurs have access to the same global network and resources as the big players. Where the innovators can find the resources they need at any time – and spend their valuable hours developing and scaling their solutions. Our main focus is SDG17 – collaboration as the focus to reach the sustainable development goals. With this in mind,We therefore embarked on a mission to develop a TOOL for collaboration – matching problem owners with problem solvers, innovators with opportunities, and established resources with those needing them. TOOL Spawn is a matchmaking platform bridging the big and the small, breaking down silos, bringing different generations together, connecting changemakers with the established industries. Welcome onboard – as we are creating the future together!

Birgit M. Liodden, TOOL Founder / CEO