SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Black car – white alps?

While we failed on the first goal of this long trip; crossing Europe by hydrogen; we enjoyed some spectacular views through the south of Germany and through the Swizz and Italian Alps. While traveling through, you can’t help but notice how even the winter time Alps get less and less white… Not only representing aContinue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Black car – white alps?”

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: The breakdown!

Yikes!😱 We’ve had a fantastic first 24h of our hydrogen roadtrip #iX35fuelcell from Oslo towards San Remo, but between Hamburg & Hannover our car stopped..! It was brought to our attention that for the first generation of Hyundai’s H2 cars, there’s a fuel cell problem when this model has been unused for a while… NoContinue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: The breakdown!”

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

Before starting the journey, we reached out to H2 Mobility, who develop the world’s most ambitious (and largest) hydrogen infrastructure throughout Germany. Norway and other countries; check this out! When exploring new business opportunities, it’s difficult for established companies to succeed with solutions that basically will represent competition & threats to their key revenue streams.Continue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY”

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: H2 car arrived and ready to roll!

This baby is filling up, ready to roll! The Hyundai iX35 fuel cell has enough reach to get to my mountain cabin (350-450km), as well as between the stations through Denmark & Germany to France! As it’s a spacious SUV, I decided to bring the kids for this part of the journey… Fueled by cleanContinue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: H2 car arrived and ready to roll!”