SHE x TOOLjourney2020: The breakdown!

Yikes!😱 We’ve had a fantastic first 24h of our hydrogen roadtrip #iX35fuelcell from Oslo towards San Remo, but between Hamburg & Hannover our car stopped..! It was brought to our attention that for the first generation of Hyundai’s H2 cars, there’s a fuel cell problem when this model has been unused for a while… NoContinue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: The breakdown!”

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY

Before starting the journey, we reached out to H2 Mobility, who develop the world’s most ambitious (and largest) hydrogen infrastructure throughout Germany. Norway and other countries; check this out! When exploring new business opportunities, it’s difficult for established companies to succeed with solutions that basically will represent competition & threats to their key revenue streams.Continue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: Flensburg & H2MOBILITY”

SHE x TOOLjourney2020: H2 car arrived and ready to roll!

This baby is filling up, ready to roll! The Hyundai iX35 fuel cell has enough reach to get to my mountain cabin (350-450km), as well as between the stations through Denmark & Germany to France! As it’s a spacious SUV, I decided to bring the kids for this part of the journey… Fueled by cleanContinue reading “SHE x TOOLjourney2020: H2 car arrived and ready to roll!”