Our Activity Concepts


We believe in activating Body, Mind and Soul. From spring 2020, our community can experience a variety of activities, such as: Beach cleanings with CleanSound & surprise concert, SUP (Standup Paddling), Kayak, Rowing, Floating sauna, Diving & free diving, Yoga & meditation, Paint sessions, Hammock time-out & power naps, Movie screenings & concerts, Marine biologist for hire, Makers´ workshops, VR, Ocean talks, or visit the Ocean Idea Library.

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(International) Students´ Ocean Night: Films, talks, workshops, hangout, social

Ocean Parents & Kids: Hangout with other ocean people on parental leave, and enjoy the kid friendly facilities onboard (January 2020)

Young Professionals: Ocean related gatherings for existing professional networks

Senior Resource Bank: Next generation connecting with retired ocean professionals mentoring and/or exchanging experiences and opportunities

Summer School / Programs: Option for various university or corporate lead summer initiatives (Summer 2020)

Circular Inspiration & Catering Suppliers: We prioritise catering suppliers who work actively on food-waste, social entrepreneurship, and use of sustainable ocean products and EAT friendly products:

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TOOL´s working space is the 30m long 1955 ferry M/S Bjørvika, owned by Bjørvika Skipsselskap AS. She has a history that connects a number of Norwegian ocean clusters – while connecting history and generations of competence of technology with today’s innovation & millenials.

Built at Kleppestø, operating as a car & passenger ferry outside of Bergen, she has also served as offshore supply vessel for Aker operating at the North West coast, and as passenger ferry again in both Stavanger and Østfold, before becoming a charter boat in Oslo.


TOOL is all about sustainable opportunities in the ocean, and M/S Bjørvika represents the ocean life – the fish, the mammals, the kelp forest, the jellyfish, shellfish and so on – all of the life and colors under the surface, and everything we cherish and want to protect.

The aesthetics of TOOL is meant to communicate life, openness, action and drive. The surroundings and use of color will be ideal for its use and target audience – an audience who will also be invited to join in co-creating the spaces and areas onboard the ship.

M/S Bjørvika currently looks like a classic 50-60s ferry. Under the TOOL concept, it will go through a transformation, and better communicate the ambition and goals of the lab.

The bow and hull from water level all the way up will have a colorful kelp forest painted on it, that includes a number of the animals and creatures that are found in the underwater forests along the Norwegian coast.

The inner areas of the upper deck will have a different approach to color, and a solid color concept that has a modernist approach, similar to Corbusier´s principles. Different elements of the «architecture» and interiors on deck will have different colors, that blend in and harmonies with each other while still delivering high visibility both in an urban environment and at sea.

Design concept inspired by Wez Anderson´s iconic movie «The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou», which has also been a core focus for the Entrepreneurship One initiative by Johan Brand & co, a key partner in this project.


The main cabin/space of the boat is large, and can take a high number of people for workshops, seminars, events, concerts and cultural/creative experiences.

The color scheme is inspired by Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic, and will be a continuance but also a simplification of the colors on the exterior of the boat. The approach to setting the color scheme will be similar to the exterior, with inspiration from modernism. The architecture of the room is very symmetrical with many interesting features to enhance and bring attention to it. All redesign materials will be re-use, recycle and upcycle.


The deck of the boat is large, and is ideal for workshops, team building activities, seminars/conferences, concerts as well as relaxing, social events.

The deck will have plants that can survive in tough ocean environments, and adjustable seating & pillows that can easily be moved around or removed. The colors of the deck will be part of the overall exterior scheme, and the pillow fabrics and furniture will be vintage and re-use.