TOOL connects change makers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, clusters and corporations across the world who have the same purpose – making a sustainable impact within the ocean and renewable industries.

“The ocean industries need to be completely emission free and waste free, regenerating life and resources in the ocean as part of the business models for the future.”

-Birgit Liodden, Founder and CEO

We have two enabling platforms, each aiming to empower and connect the entrepreneurs’ and innovators’ ecosystem globally.

TOOL Aquarium is our digital event and showcase platform for the change-makers to organize and co-host activities, and gain year-round expo visibility. 

TOOL Spawn is our very own “Tinder” for matching entrepreneurs’ resource needs with existing resources and partners from the established industries.

For small players and entrepreneurs, there are massive barriers to compete in the global market – due to limitations in terms of physical locations, network, resources and financial capacity. We seek to empower the ocean entrepreneurs, by lowering some of these barriers, enabling them to connect and become more visible, creating a more level playing field.

TOOL Aquarium Simulates Real Life Community Events

Greet your guests with a personalized avatar in the lobby. Network and mingle. Create a personalized booth to interact with potential customers. Have interactive presentations on the ocean stage. 

Use TOOL Aquarium for pitching contests, hybrid events, launches, online courses, after work, movie screenings and seminars. Contact us to learn more.

TOOL partnered with BRIM Explorer, currently building the first digital school ship with BRIM Explorer and 3 environmental organizations; Passion for Ocean, Bellona and SALT Lofoten. The school ship will exist inside the Aquarium platform, engaging youth in connecting environmental consciousness and their future careers.

TOOL Spawn is our Matchmaking and Opportunity Creation Platform

Built on pay it forward mentality, each user scores points through their actions to help enable others. The butterfly effect meets gamification. It’s not about what you can pay – but all about how you create genuine value. Using yourself as a resource.

  • Opportunities & Collaboration
    Post projects seeking partners and resources, find investment cases, innovation ideas, unresolved problems, competence needs and more 
  • Global heat map 
    Easily find the opportunities and competences you are looking for globally Entrepreneurs, corporates, clusters, start-ups, investors, universities++ 

  • Third party match (Q1) 
    All users tag their contributions and needs. Each user can see if their connections match needs and contributions and can introduce them to each other to enable things to happen! 
  • Maturity assessment of start-ups (Q1)
    A maturity analysis to ease the match of needs and contributions as well as investment interests

“This project is all about stretching the triple bottom line focus and my core purpose and values to the fullest extent while playing and exploring new ways of creating collaborative initiatives. Life is too short not to strive for making a difference, and if you feel the same way– WELCOME ONBOARD!”

-Birgit Liodden, Founder and CEO

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Greetings from Cape Maeda, Onna Village
    Ryukyu Islands, JAPAN
    I would like to see how we can connect existing island initiatives towards restoring our oceans resilience by 2033.
    (Okinawa > Hawai’i > Caribe > Canary Islands)
    E Heinrich Sanchez Gomez
    chief navigator World O.C.E.A.N.
    (Ocean Culture & Education Action Network)

  2. My teenager wants to pursue a career in marine sciences. Are there any links that I can share with him to see the developments in this area?

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