Accelerating Ocean Solution Building: TOOL and World Ocean Council Join Forces

World Ocean Council (WOC) and TOOL partner up to strengthen the global ecosystem for ocean innovators, accelerating innovation and solution building. The partnership will contribute to bridge the gap between the established ocean industry in WOC’s network and the new innovators in TOOL’s community.

The building of bridges between the problem owners of the established ocean industry and the new problem solvers in TOOL’s community will have powerful effects. Through this partnership, entrepreneurs will be able to find the resources they need in each phase of building a new solution, whether it’s access to industry experts, test sites, pilot partners, customers and funding mechanisms. It will also enable the established industry players to gain better access and insight to the growing number of ocean innovators, both individual startups and hubs/accelerators/labs that are relevant for them to take a closer look at. 

“The collaboration truly represents what we wish to help enable from TOOL – bridging gaps and connecting the generations of changemakers. It facilitates a great opportunity for connecting WOCs global network of established actors from across the ocean industries, with the startups, hubs & new innovators gathered within TOOL´s community,“ says Birgit, founder and CEO of TOOL.

The partnership will advance matchmaking and innovative collaboration projects utilizing TOOL’s digital platforms. “TOOL has built a range of key structures and systems for engaging the ocean innovation community. These complement very well with WOC’s global business and investment network and WOC’s focus on solutions to the challenges facing ocean companies. The partnership will foster, facilitate and accelerate the development, financing and deployment of innovation and solutions,” says Paul Holthus, founding president and CEO of WOC.

WOC takes a position as global strategic partner of TOOL, enabling practical and year round collaboration on projects and events between the parties’ networks. The collaboration will work to strengthen the global ecosystem for ocean innovators through the following means:

Impact Investments 

TOOL and WOC will work together to accelerate investments in sustainable development. TOOL will mobilise its investment and finance community to support WOC’s Ocean Investment Platform. They will also re-invest part of their profits in impact investment companies compatible with WOC’s investment platform.


WOC will use TOOL’s matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn for their partners to find each other and collaborate on projects to accelerate the speed of impact innovation projects. 

Digital Event Spaces 

WOC, along with its partners and members will have access to TOOL Aquarium for virtual and hybrid events at discounted rates. 

Resources for Innovators

WOC, their partners and members have access to the general fleet agreement gathered in the Toolbox of resources, discounts and benefits. 

Sharing Networks and Collaboration Spaces

TOOL community members will be involved in WOC’s global networks and projects, and engaged by the WOC key team members in their locations. In turn WOC will get full access to TOOL’s boats as their Norwegian embassy and work space, with drop in and event space. WOC and TOOL will act as each other’s ambassadors. 

Supporting the Next Generation

TOOL will support the mobilisation of next generation communities and initiatives linked to WOC’s Young Ocean Professionals Program for the ocean business community.

WOC Base of Operations in Norway

TOOL will actively work to build broad support for Oslo, Norway to host a WOC regional or international base of operations.

World Ocean Council (WOC) – the Global Blue Economy Business and Investment Organisation. An international business alliance for Corporate Ocean Responsibility.

The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) – the world’s first floating lab and hub for entrepreneurs and innovators across ocean industries, sustainable energy and tech.