TOOL to Help Family Businesses With Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

TOOL and EY partner up to give the next generation of family-owned businesses the knowledge they need to solve global challenges.

In Norway, three out of four companies are family-owned and stand for significant value creation in our society. Family-owned businesses have the power and financial muscles to solve the enormous challenges the world is facing.

EY has therefore partnered up with TOOL to create the program “Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship” for family owners and next-generation owners. The purpose is for family-owned businesses to learn from- and cooperate with- entrepreneurs, integrate innovation and sustainability in their business models, and engage next-generation owners in the family business with an entrepreneurial mindset.

“The next generation of owners holds the key to realizing the challenges of the future. The competence they need for the future is not only found in the previous generation and established institutions. There is just as much to be found by meeting today’s entrepreneurs and learn from those who build new companies,” says Birgit Liodden, founder and CEO of TOOL.

“Our vision is to give owners and next-generation owners knowledge to make good choices for the benefit of both the family, the owners, and the company. The choices the owners make have a great impact on our society,” says Mette Ballari from EY leading the program “The art of leading a family company”.