New Features on TOOL Aquarium

Our virtual event and showcase platform, TOOL Aquarium, is now upgraded with new features. Connecting and engaging with your community has never been easier.

TOOL Aquarium is an enabling platform which lowers the barriers for small players and entrepreneurs to connect with, and become more visible in the ocean and renewable energy community.

New Features

  • Book 1-1 meetings
    Networking and the people you meet is often the best part about attending events. Allow participants to make the most of your digital event by booking 1-1 meetings with interesting speakers, attendees and exhibitors. Attendees can also join group meetings if they are specially interested in a certain topic.
  • See who is online
    Participants can now engage directly with each other and easily connect by seeing who is online. Booking meetings and communication is now smoother than ever.
  • Add polls to your presentations
    TOOL Aquarium is buildt for interaction and engagement. Apart from the already existing live chat on presentations you can now add polls for instant interaction.
  • Add worksheets to your presentations
    Do you want to host an educational event such as a course or a workshop on TOOL Aquarium? You can now add resources such as worksheets, videoes and PDF’s to your presentations for your participants to save for later or complete in groups.
  • More languages available!
    An inclusive platform that allows you to collaborate across the seven seas. Each user can now change the language to either Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Arabic, apart from Norwegian and English.

    We are continously working with updates and upgrades. Let us know what you would need for a successful digital community event.