Nordic Innovators has around 1,200 customers across Europe and we will utilize and support the digital platform services provided through TOOL Spawn & TOOL Aquarium. This will accelerate value creation and support more efficient cross-collaboration on innovation projects strengthening the individual and collective communities.

Kenneth Junge Kier Hermansen, Partner & Co-founder – Nordic Innovators

The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) and Nordic Innovators Norway AS (NIN) has entered into a long-term collaboration to strengthen the ocean & renewable energy entrepreneurs’ ecosystem.

This brand new and highly innovative collaboration model includes Nordic Innovators to utilize TOOL´s digital platform services TOOL Aquarium and TOOL Spawn for their team and customers. Nordic Innovators will provide discounts and very competitive terms for TOOL community members to support their soft-funding journey,  and annually dedicate specific resources for pro bono support.  

The TOOL-NIN initiative comes to support the New Ocean Agenda put forward by the Ocean Panel and their GIVE IT 100% campaign, launched this week with the new Sustainable Ocean Economy Report, as 14 world leaders have committed to 100% sustainable ocean management.  

TOOL is among the partners in 1000 Ocean Startups, a global coalition to accelerate Ocean Impact Innovation, as well as the World  Ocean Council´s Global Blue Economy Innovation Initiatives Network.  

If ocean entrepreneurs and established actors can easier connect and find the right resources and partners, they can spend more of their scarce time and resources on developing their solutions. This is critical, as we need to create a near-future where ocean industries are free of emissions and waste, and built on regenerative models delivering on the global goals.  

Pay it forward-focused partnerships is our main tool to help empower the ocean change-makers. This requires partners who share our strong commitment to supporting and giving back to our startup ecosystem. The collaboration with Nordic Innovators will enable us to better contribute to our community mission; connecting change makers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, accelerators, clusters and corporations across the world and across current industry silos.

Birgit M. Liodden, Founder & CEO, TOOL 

Together, TOOL and Nordic Innovators have committed to reinvest income from their communities back into the ocean entrepreneurs´ ecosystem. TOOL reinvest 25% of all profits, while Nordic Innovators has set a fixed substantial share of their fee.

The joint funding/investment mechanism by TOOL and Nordic Innovators will focus on funds and vehicles that  delivers on one or several of the following criteria: 

  • Funds/structures that directly or indirectly supports the evolution of circular business models, and  emission & waste-free ocean industries  
  • A mix between local and international, and focus on bridging the Nordics and developing countries  – Equality, diversity and social inclusion 
  • Long term focus – ecosystem orientation 

The partnership is the perfect collaboration to fully implement our shared vision to help bring innovation to life to help shape a better future! This is why we will reinvest a fixed share of our fee into a joint TOOL funding/ investment mechanism

Kjell Sørestrand-Hansen, Country Manager Norway – Nordic Innovators

The partners will decide which initiatives to finance within the domain of innovations for sustainable development. 

The funds/activities are chosen among initiatives where TOOL is community partner or member, and for 2021 the  chosen scope includes the following;  

  • Relevant activities by EntrepreneurShip One, a zero-emission pay it forward platform for the Nordic  startup community 
  • Funds and consortiums through WOC’s Global Blue Economy Innovation Initiatives Network
  • Funds and consortiums by partners of the 1000 Ocean Startups

Nordic Innovators is a leading consultancy specialised in helping innovative companies and research institutions  secure national and EU public funding for R&D&I projects (soft-funding). Nordic Innovators has around 1,200  customers across Europe. Established in Denmark, with offices in Norway, Spain and France. 

World Ocean Council (WOC): The Global Blue Economy Business and Investment Organization – is the  international, multi-industry business leadership alliance on ocean sustainable development, science and  stewardship – “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. The WOC brings together leadership companies from around the  world and across ocean sectors, and organize the annual Sustainable Oceans Summit (SOS). WOC has a  global network of 35.000+ ocean industry stakeholders around the world, working with a broader group of several  hundred companies, investors and industry groups. Global Blue Economy Innovation Initiatives Network, is  WOC´s community initiative starting to bring the network partners together for joint, issue-based focus work. The  network´s global partners will help significantly increase the exposure and potential for investors to identify and  engage in funding startups and SMEs. Established in 2009, the WOC is registered in the US and Europe  (France).  

1000 Ocean Startups: 1000 Ocean startups is a global coalition to accelerate Ocean Impact Innovation. The  coalition brings together the ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, competitions, matching platforms and VCs  supporting startups for ocean impact. Its objective is to scale 1000 transformative startups during the Ocean  Decade. The coalition achieves its objective through (i) building synergies between ecosystem participants and (ii)  telling the story of successes already achieved and the potential of innovation to regenerate ocean health, to  inspire investment in scaling now the ocean impact innovation ecosystem. Among the coalition partners are Blue  Oceans Partners, Conservation International Ventures, GEOS / Ocean Visions, Katapult Ocean, Ocean Hub  Africa and TOOL.  

EntrepreneurShipOne: A zero-emission pay it forward platform for the Nordic startup community, focused on unlocking the potential of the ocean, by inspiring founders, enabling technology innovation, champion value-based entrepreneurship and foster the seagrass movement. TOOL and EntrepreneurShipOne have collaborated since the TOOL launch September 2019, and the TOOL ship is part of the EntrepreneurShip fleet..