Mitt voksenpoeng: Birgit Liodden

How did a school dropout become one of the most profiled young shipping female executives globally in the maritime industry? In this podcast, Birgit Liodden talks about her professional journey as the Founder, and general secretary of YoungShip International and achieving milestones as being the first woman and youngest ever to be Director of Nor-Shipping, one of the world’s leading maritime fairs, She was candid about the time she experienced burnout after years of long hours and relentless hard work. After which, with external help and self-realisation, she made it her mission to be open about her experiences to build a community that talks about mental awareness. Now the Founder of The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL), Liodden is dedicating her time to create a space for diversity, ocean sustainability and the need for change across the maritime industry.

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