SHE x TOOLjourney2020: H2 car arrived and ready to roll!

This baby is filling up, ready to roll! The Hyundai iX35 fuel cell has enough reach to get to my mountain cabin (350-450km), as well as between the stations through Denmark & Germany to France!

Full tank of clean hydrogen in less than 5 min!
NEL Hydrogen providing the magic chip for filling up throughout Denmark 🇩🇰

As it’s a spacious SUV, I decided to bring the kids for this part of the journey… Fueled by clean energy, only releasing water that’s supposedly clean enough for drinking💦 Which my kids are super keen to test for real…(!)

I was lucky to borrow the car from energy/infrastructure investment company Greenstat (where I serve on the board), one of 4 partners who will develop the infrastructure for Hyundai’s hydrogen trucks ordered for the Norwegian market. Norway was actually leading on hydrogen technology some years back, but has since lost its position. And as the current infrastructure in Norway is now less than when I got my H2 car (back in 2016…), Greenstat aren’t able to use the iX35 for a while.

Off we go!

This also means that while I can go H2 clean through Europe to San Remo, I had to find a creative solution for Oslo-Copenhagen.

The upcoming journey will explore how other countries are approaching the clean disruption of energy and transportation, but through a lense of equality & diversity..

First; let’s board the DFDS to Copenhagen! Ship o’hoy!

Yet to sail zero emission.. but land powered in the Port of Oslo, which is key to reduce local emissions & improve health as well as wellbeing!